Pokemon Unite mobile version launches tomorrow with squads and a new battle pass

Pokemon Unite is getting a number of free improvements tomorrow when its mobile version launches, including pre-made squads and a new battle pass.

Pokemon Unite will finally be arriving on mobile devices tomorrow on September 22, for iOS and Android users alike. Ahead of the imminent launch, The Pokemon Company has revealed that a new feature, called Unite Squads, will be launching alongside the mobile release, allowing friends to team up and enter a game together for the first time.

Additionally, there’s also the arrival of Pokemon Unite’s second battle pass tomorrow. This second battle pass will offer the same type of cosmetic rewards for your trainer and your ‘Mons as the first battle pass, but this time around there’ll be some unique Holowear-related gear on offer.

There’s also the introduction of held items for your Pokemon, giving them some critical edges in battle, much like you’d see in a mainline Pokemon game. Finally, there’ll be a limited spectator mode rolling out with the mobile launch of Pokemon Unite, although The Pokemon Company isn’t revealing just how limited these Spectator Mode features will be. 

We previously knew that, when Pokemon Unite arrived on mobile devices, it’d offer cross-play with existing players on Nintendo Switch devices, the version of which launched earlier this year. There’s also the cross-progress update for both platforms, meaning you can freely switch between playing on mobile and Nintendo Switch while still retaining all your unlocked features and other progress.

Here’s our Pokemon Unite Blastoise guide, if you want to brush up on your knowledge of the powerful creature before they join the game.

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