PS5 owner finds a stylish way to display extra faceplates

A PS5 owner has designed a clever and stylish way to display extra faceplates.

Shared to the r/PS5 subreddit (opens in new tab), one user posted a video of their PS5 faceplate wall mount tool, which, as you probably guessed, attaches the console’s faceplates to the wall when not in use. The device soon starts to make sense when you see how much nicer the faceplates look up on the wall rather than stacked next to the console, ready for when you need them.

i_created_something_to_display_your_old_ps5 from r/PS5

We can’t help but think how cool this would look if you were able to display all five of the new color variations on the wall above your console set up. By the looks of the video embedded into the Reddit post, each faceplate is pretty simple to attach and reattach to the 3D printed device – so you could easily chop and change which colours you want on the wall and which one you want on the PS5. 

In case you missed it, late last year Sony announced that official PS5 faceplates are launching in five new colours in January 2022. The five new colors in question are Midnight Black and Cosmic Red (to match the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red Dualsense controllers that released last summer) as well as Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple variants, however these three will not launch until later this year. 

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