This PS5 SSD deal sees the Kingston Renegade return to its lowest ever price

Amazon’s PS5 SSD deals feature the Kingston Renegade returning to the lowest rate that we’ve ever seen it listed for. You can currently get your hands on the Kingston Renegade 1TB SSD, which is one of the best SSDs for gaming, for only $164.99 (was $190) (opens in new tab) for a $25 saving. 

This is a rate that we have previously observed throughout February and the beginning of March, however, this model quickly shot up to the $185 mark over the past few weeks. That’s what makes today’s PS5 SSD deal so significant, as you’re shaving a decent chunk of change off the asking price of one of the fastest models on the market before it can spike back up to near MSRP. 

The Kingston Fury Renegade SSD features its own built-in graphene heat spreader, meaning there’s no need to break out one of the best PS5 heatsinks here, merely slot it inside Sony’s latest system and you’re away- this means it’s a bonafide contender for best PS5 SSD now without having to add anything extra. We’ve long since considered 1TB to be the price-to-performance sweet spot for NVMe drives for the PS5, and given the prowess of this model, the value for money here is really challenging to argue against.

If you’re after more storage solutions, we’re also rounding up the best PS5 external hard drives as well. Keep in mind, though, should you want to take this route, that you’ll need to copy games back onto the system storage, which isn’t the case with the likes of NVMe drives. 

Today’s best PS5 SSD deal

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Kingston Renegade 1TB SSD | $190 $164.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $25 – While this is a rate that we’ve seen before on the Kingston Renegade SSD, the superfast Gen 4 drive has hovered close to MSRP for several weeks, making the return to the lowest ever rate significant. There are few models which can compete with the sequential performance on offer here for the asking price.

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As far as Gen 4 drives go, this model is unrivaled in many respects. We said as much in our five-star Kingston Renegade SSD review citing that it offered: “consistently excellent performance across the board”. What makes this model stand out from its similarly priced competition is the use of the Phison E18 controller, resulting in sequential performance nearing the limit of the generational hardware, with up to 7,300 MB/s read and 7,000 MB/s write.

Should your setup need an upgrade, you can also benefit from the best PS5 accessories, the best TV for PS5, and the best monitors for PS5, too. 

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