These PS5 SSD deals are the best ways to get a premium drive in your console

Some of the best PS5 SSD deals we’ve ever seen are still going this week and it’s never been cheaper to get one of the very best SSDs for PS5 into your life.

Cutting to the chase, the first is a PS5 SSD deal that everyone has been keeping their eye on since it launched last October. The Samsung 980 PRO 1TB SSD with its own heatsink is at a record low price at $189.99 (was $250) (opens in new tab) at Amazon. We only saw this during Black Friday last year for a few days. Very tempting!

The choice of Mark Cerny, PS5 Architect, is next, with the WD BLACK SN850 1TB SSD (with heatsink) coming down also to its lowest ever price with a massive $90 cut from its MSRP: it can be yours for just $189.99 right now (opens in new tab). This means you can get the drive for the best value price point it’s ever had, and maximise your bang-to-buck ratio.

If you’re looking to shave as much money off a PS5 SSD deal price as possible, however, then you’ll want to take note of the Gigabyte Aorus 7000s which is also at a record low price and can be yours for just $169.99 (down from $230) (opens in new tab). This also comes with its own heatsink and offers exceptional value for money, but also premium performance.

You’ll find more information on all these PS5 SSD deals just below, and a few more of the latest prices and deals on PS5 SSDs further down the page as well. 

Today’s best PS5 SSD deals

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Samsung 980 PRO | 1TB w/Heatsink | $249.99 $189.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $50 – Arguably the most-desired PS5 SSD deal of them all: getting the Samsung 980 Pro with its own heatsink for a lowest ever price is the epitome of the best deal for a 1TB drive.
The 2TB version is also discounted right now (by $80) and is down to $332 (opens in new tab) if you’re looking to make a big investment.

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WD BLACK SN850 | 1TB w/Heatsink | $280 $189.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $90 – This is one of the very top dogs when it comes to PS5 SSDs and is the one that Mark Cerny himself chose to go inside his PS5. And while its price has been a bit lower in recent months, this is still an excellent offering with nearly a quarter off the list price.
The 2TB version is also on offer and beats the 980 PRO for value at $329.99 (opens in new tab) right now.

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Gigabyte Aorus 7000s | 1TB | $230 $169.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $60Yet another lowest ever price here, and this time it’s Gigabyte’s PS5 SSD getting the treatment. This too comes with its own heatsink so you’re all set here, and the value is undeniable. A great deal and PS5 SSD option.

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These are all some of the top names when it comes to storage expansion, and the fact that there’s no need to DIY a heatsink solution is excellent news for those who want simplicity and also offers confidence too. These are not only some of the best PS5 SSDs, but they’re also on our list of the tried-and-tested best SSDs for gaming too, and are just great deals and prices to kick off 2022 with.

More of today’s best PS5 SSD deals

If none of the offers above suit you, then we’ve got a handful more options right here for your consideration.

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And it always pays to keep abreast of the latest PS5 deals should you still be on the hunt for elusive PS5 stock.

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