What is Psychonauts 2 Psitanium?

Psychonauts 2 Psitanium is a crucial resource and you’ll need lots of it as you work your way through the mind-twisting story of Raz and his fellow interns and agents. Psitanium is the main currency in Psychonauts 2, and it comes in the form of dark purple rocks and crystals of varying sizes. You can use it to buy numerous health items and upgrades from Otto-matic shops found in the free-roam hub areas like the Motherlobe. These upgrades include PSI Cores to get your Intern Rank up as much as possible, Pins that modify your PSI Powers, and wallet upgrades that allow you to carry even more of the stuff. Here’s what you need to know about Psitanium and how to get it in Psychonauts 2.

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How to get Psychonauts 2 Psitanium

Psychonauts 2 Raz melee combo to get Psitanium

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Psychonauts 2 Psitanium can be earned from lots of unique sources but it is most often dropped by enemies that you defeat and objects that you destroy. The simplest and best strategy for getting Psitanium is to just break as many different things as you can, gathering up all the Psitanium clusters. Using Raz’s basic melee combo, or his ground pound ability, will quickly destroy most objects. The Pyrokinesis PSI Power is also very useful, especially when upgraded so that it has a larger radius, as it can burn multiple objects at once and highlights anything breakable within the fire sphere.

You will also be able to find Psychonauts 2 Psitanium in hidden deposits in some of the free-roam hub areas. These deposits look like small purple clouds in the ground and can be dug up just by interacting with them. The Motherlobe Atrium, for example, has lots of trees and shrubs planted around and Psitanium deposits are frequently found amongst them. These deposits also respawn each time you visit so players could quite easily farm them.

Finally, Supply Chests found across the hub locations contain larger clusters of Psychonauts 2 Psitanium. They are a very good way of getting the currency, but they do require a Supply Chest Key to open and are generally quite well hidden. You should be able to stumble into a few chests and keys just by exploring each hub area between the main story missions.

When Psitanium clusters drop, you need to run directly over them to pick them up which can be a bit annoying in the early stages of the game. They will also despawn after a while, so it’s important to gather up any clusters that you can see as quickly as possible. Although, there is a Pin upgrade that makes gathering Psitanium and health items easier and ensures you won’t miss as any.

What you can buy with Psychonauts 2 Psitanium 

Otto-matic shop in Motherlobe atrium

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Once you complete the first level and reach the Motherlobe, you’ll be able to use the Otto-matic shop and can begin to spend your Psitanium on health items, carrying capacity upgrades, Challenge Marker Cores, and Pins. Cores are only 25 Psitanium but Pins and item upgrades can vary wildly in cost. Some Pins are only 100 or 200 Psitanium and others are up to 750. At the start of the game, you can only carry 100 Psitanium, which isn’t even enough to buy most Pins but there are several ways to increase the amount of Psitanium you can gather and hold.­­­­

How to get even more Psitanium in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 Mental Magnet Pin in Otto-matic shop

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As you progress through Psychonauts 2 and buy wallet upgrades, the amount of Psitanium you find, and the value of the clusters increases. This also applies to the clusters found in Supply Chests. However, there are a few items, upgrades and Pins that you should definitely prioritize early on in the game if you want to maximize your Psitanium reserves. The very first thing you should buy from the Otto-matic shop is the Psifold Wallet for 75 Psitanium, which will increase your Psitanium carrying capacity from 100 to 1,000. Later, you can get the Astral Wallet upgrade which lets you hold up to 5,000 Psitanium.

Next, you should get the Mental Magnet Pin for 200 Psitanium. You’ll also need to be at least Intern Rank 8 to unlock this Pin for purchase. Mental Magnet increases Raz’s pickup radius, allowing you to collect Psitanium from much further away. A nice bonus is that this also applies to the green Mental Energy health orbs that sometimes drop from enemies and objects. These three upgrades will set you up nicely to rake in the Psitanium, but there are even more Pins that will help you get more when you reach a higher Intern Rank, although these are not essential.

At Intern Rank 40, you can get Mental Tax for 200 Psitanium which, when equipped, has a chance to cause Mental Connections to spit out Psitanium. Next, the VIP Discount Pin will give you a 50% discount at Otto-matic shops, so you can equip it just before visit a shop and then replace it with a different Pin when you’re done. While this one doesn’t give you more Psitanium, it helps you save a lot, although it does cost 750 Psitanium and requires you to be at least Intern Rank 50. Lastly, the Psimultanium Pin, which also costs 750 Psitanium, but can only be purchased at Rank 52 or higher, doubles the drop rate of Psitanium which will allow you to quickly fill your pockets when you need to.

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