Rainbow Six Sieges upcoming attacker Grim kills enemies with terrifying insect-like drones

A brand-new Attacker is on the way to Rainbow Six Siege, courtesy of the upcoming Operation Brutal Swarm.

Hailing from Singapore, new operative Grim “gets the job done” and seems to be an expert in explosives given his prior experience in explosive ordnance disposal.

“Operation Brutal Swarm clears the way for our new Singaporean Attacker. Raised in a survivalist household in Jurong, Singapore, Grim joins Nighthaven with one goal – to get the job done. Check out the full reveal on 21st August,” the brief video trailer teases in the description.

Boasting a Kawan Hive Launcher with no reload and a low fire rate “allows for versatile gameplay”, and the ability to reveal hidden enemies – not just to him but the entire team – will make him a formidable opponent.

The video also shows us insect-like drones that are seemingly able to immobilize enemies, giving Grim the chance to creep up and “be the last thing you see”… which really puts the “swarm” in Operation Brutal Swarm. And the “brutal”, I guess.

Full details about the new character – which will be a 1 Health but 3 Speed operative – will be unveiled during a livestream (opens in new tab) scheduled for Tuesday (August 21) next week. Hopefully, we’ll find out more about Operation Brutal Swarm at the same time, too.

“The Kawan Hive Launcher’s ability to secure a position for a limited amount of time enhances cooperative play by sharing red marks with the team,” developer Ubisoft explains.

“Defenders encountering this unique ability will have to decide to either fight with their position exposed or flee and restrategize. Attackers will want to pay particular attention to Specialist Mute’s position and device placement – The Launcher’s 5 Rounds won’t count if they’re countered.”

Have you tried Rainbow Six Extraction yet, which released earlier this year? We gave it a modest 3.5 stars out of 5 in the GamesRadar+ Rainbow Six Extraction review (opens in new tab), saying it was “a solid shooter held back by its source material”.

“The fact that we’re still talking about Rainbow Six Siege and (its now-retired) Outbreak mode today speaks volumes for their long-lasting appeal, but by flying so closely to its inspiration, Rainbow Six Extraction suffers a bit of an identity crisis,” we wrote at the time of release. 

“It’s often good but rarely great. In its darker, action horror-driven moments, it can be brilliant; but when forcing gratuitous gunplay that fails to live up to Siege’s prestige, it can be repetitive. If Rainbow Six Extraction is to achieve long-term success and build a healthy community, then it must play to its strengths, it must be its own thing, and it must escape the long shadow cast by the very source material responsible for its existence.”

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