Resident Evil Village is actually giving us Lady D in VR

Resident Evil Village is coming to PSVR2, so prepare to look up at Lady Dimitrescu in a whole new way. 

Sony and Capcom unveiled the VR version of Resident Evil Village during today’s big State of Play showcase, along with three other games confirmed to be in development for the PS5’s dedicated VR platform. Resident Evil Village joins Horizon Call of the Mountain, No Man’s Sky, and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 – Retribution at the forefront of the PSVR2 library. 

As you’d expect, the showcase for Resident Evil Village VR opens with de facto mascot Lady D towering over the ever-unlucky Ethan Winters. If you thought she looked tall before, brace yourself for the literally neck-craning task of looking up to meet the gaze of the nine-and-a-half-foot villainess, now with eye tracking on a 4K HDR display. 

“The experience will include support for PlayStation VR2 Sense technology and introduce new ways to interact with the world of Resident Evil Village,” Capcom said in an announcement. “These controllers empower players to perform intuitive actions, such as raising their arms to guard against enemy attacks. The VR campaign also introduces other new gameplay elements, such as the ability for Ethan to dual wield weapons.” 

It’s hard to overstate the transportive effect VR can have on a game, especially a horror game, and especially a horror game that delivered one of the most iconic antagonists of the year in one section and, in another, one of the most utterly deranged abominations to ever disgrace a screen. Resident Evil Village VR looks positively transformative at first blush, with familiar fights, deaths, and moments revitalized and cranked to 11. Forget Lady D for a moment – it’s difficult, I know, especially in VR – because even scrounging around for loot by physically shattering jars looks enthralling. 

How ironic that Resident Evil Village, which was originally balanced around Resident Evil 7 being “too scary to play” for some players, is now coming to the most fear-inducing platform known to gaming. 

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