Rumors of a Sly Cooper 5 announcement hint at a September reveal

Rumour has it we may be getting some kind of Sly Cooper-related announcement later this year, if the current leaks are anything to go off. 

We’ve seen several rumours relating to the PlayStation raccoon game over the last several months, but recent murmurings online may have given us a clue as to when to expect the announcement of a new Sly Cooper game. 

Back in October of last year, Xbox Era podcast host Nick Baker revealed that, according to their source, there is in fact a new Sly Cooper game on the way. We got a little more info about this rumoured new game in a more recent episode of the podcast (opens in new tab) though, with Baker saying: “I’ve had a lot of people tagging me on Twitter about Sly Cooper,” before going on to explain, “I wouldn’t expect a Sly Cooper announcement in June.”

“It should still be a 2022 announced thing, as far as I’m being told,” Baker continues, “it will probably be announced later if there was like a September [event] or something like that.” 

What Baker has shared here has actually been corroborated by another leaker known as ‘AccountNgt (opens in new tab)‘ on Twitter – who also recently tweeted that the new Sly Cooper game wasn’t being worked on by original developer SuckerPunch. 

Replying to an article that contained the current Sly Cooper rumours, AccountNgt says that a reveal would “likely [be in] September,” before following up with more tweets about the game adding: “The same source told me a few weeks ago that no big showcase was planned until September.” AccountNgt also said: “This source also thinks that Infamous will be announced this year.”

Likely September as I was saying since early March 🙂May 23, 2022

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This source also thinks that Infamous will be announced this yearMay 23, 2022

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What both of these leakers are saying do have a bit of weight to them. Not only will September 2022 mark the 20th anniversary of the Sly Cooper series, but it also wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if we did get a PlayStation showcase around the same time, considering we did have the PlayStation Showcase in September 2021

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