Russian Doll season 2 finally has a trailer and release date

Netflix has finally released a trailer for the upcoming second season of Russian Doll.

The official Twitter account for NeflixGeeked tweeted the thirty-five-second teaser along with the caption, “it’s about time. RUSSIAN DOLL returns April 20, only on Netflix.”

Season one followed Nadia Vulvokov (Natasha Lyonne), a software engineer who gets stuck in a time loop that forces her to relive her 36th birthday wherein she repeatedly dies and starts the night over again. While trying to make sense of it all, she meets Alan, another man who is stuck in a time loop of his own. 

The trailer, which can be viewed above, quickly cycles through Nadia’s new adventures as she runs through a train cart, tumbles down a flight of subway stairs, and climbs out of the ground and up into a graveyard.

Season two will take place four years after Nadia and Alan managed to successfully escape the time loop in season one. The pair will dive deep into their pasts and discover something much worse than reliving their own deaths through a brand new (and unexpected) time portal located in one of Manhattan’s most famous locations. 

Much like its predecessor, the season will explore existential crises using humor and sci-fi elements. The experience is fascinating at first, as the portal spans multiple eras and never seems to stop expanding, but the two find themselves trapped once again.

The new season will officially hit Netflix on April 20th. For more, check out our guide to everything we know about Russian Doll season 2.

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