Ryan Reynolds meets a familiar face in first clip from Netflix’s The Adam Project

Netflix has released the first full scene from Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming time travel movie The Adam Project.

Ever wondered what it would be like to meet your younger self? So full of hope, so full of optimism and, in the case of The Adam Project, with far fewer bullet wounds.

Reynolds’ Adam bumps into his 12-year-old self (Walker Scobell) as he hobbles round his old family home to treat an injury.

Then, the penny drops for the younger Adam: they have the same scars, they both know the dog’s name – Hawking, in case you were wondering – and the elder Adam knows far too much about the child’s home and school life. Thanks to the recent trailer, we know the pair’s interactions won’t end there – and they’re going to head even further back in time to meet their late father, played by Mark Ruffalo.

The Adam Project has been getting some buzz after early screenings. Some have already compared it favorably to Back to the Future and Star Wars. It could even kickstart a seriously exciting 2022 for Netflix’s movie lineup.

Netflix’s feature slate has been unveiled in a new trailer, and it features Daniel Craig returning as Benoit Blanc in Knives Out 2, Chris Hemsworth leading experiments in sci-fi thriller Spiderhead, and Enola Holmes 2, starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill later this year.

Speaking of Millie Bobby Brown, Stranger Things season 4 is officially returning – in two parts. The first half will release on May 27 with the remaining episodes streaming from July 1.

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