Sea of Thieves next update puts the fate of Golden Sands into players hands

Sea of Thieves’ next Adventure will have players choosing sides to determine the fate of the Golden Sands outpost.

Golden Sands has been abandoned and shrouded in a green fog since Sea of Thieves’ first Adventure went live back in February, and now you’ll get to choose whether you want to help restore it to its former glory or leave it as is. The next monthly Adventure, titled Lost Sands, will split players into two sides: the rebuilders, led by the lovable lush Merrick, will collect supplies for Golden Sands’ restoration, while those who side with the Reaper’s Bones will do everything in their power to keep the outpost from being rebuilt.

The matchup will decide whether Golden Sands remains a miserable gloomy death island or is restored to the colorful, tropical trade outpost bustling with pirates turning in their loot after a long day out at sea. If you want to take part, all you have to do is make sure you have Sea of Thieves updated and log in between Thursday, May 26 and Thursday, June 9.

In the meantime, there’s plenty to do in Sea of Thieves thanks to the arrival of its first Mystery (opens in new tab), which will kick off a separate narrative told through clues tucked away in and out of the game. The first one is a murder mystery which you can get to solving any ol’ time if you so please.

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