Seablip looks like Stardew Valley meets Terraria but with more pirates

Upcoming indie game Seablip looks like Stardew Valley and plays like Terraria – if both games had more pirates in, that is. 

Similar to Stardew Valley, Seablip sees players inheriting something from a family member – in this case, it’s a ship from your foster parents and not a farm from your grandpa – which leads the player to the island of Seablip where they will meet a variety of villagers, start new friendships, and bring the island back to its former glory. Other activities on Seablip include digging for treasure, fishing, taking part in village events, and more.

The open-world RPG is being developed by solo developer Jardar Solli, and is available to wishlist on Steam (opens in new tab) now. Seablip recently hit a big milestone in terms of production as it got its first trailer as well as an estimated release window of ‘Autumn 2023.’ You can see what Seablip is all about in the trailer below.  

From the look of the trailer, it seems that Seablip will have many of the same characteristics as Stardew Valley, including a charming pixel-art style, similar UI, and some gameplay. It will also bring some elements that are completely unique to the genre. Players will get the chance to battle against pirates, plot journeys on a map, and explore faraway destinations as well as all the usual life-sim chores. 

More info about Seablip can be found on the game’s official website (opens in new tab). On the website’s FAQ page, Jardar answers a number of questions future players may have including whether the game will eventually get console ports, if it will be translated into other languages, what the developer’s inspirations are, and other burning questions. 

If you want to show your interest in Seablip, you can wishlist it on Steam, follow the game on Twitter (opens in new tab), and visit the website linked above. 

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