Silent Hill film director claims the franchise will be relaunched as part of a multimedia universe

The director of the Silent Hill movie has revealed that Konami is working on “relaunching” the series and that it could be part of a multimedia universe. 

In an interview with French outlet JEUXACTU (opens in new tab), Christophe Gans – who directed the first Silent Hill film – revealed that not only is he working on a new Silent Hill film but that it is also part of a bigger multimedia universe, which apparently also includes a new game and/or game series as well. 

As translated via Gamingsym (opens in new tab), Gans said: “[Silent Hill] is going to be relaunched in terms of video games, and therefore the film will become part of a global policy.” Elsewhere in the interview, Gans says that someone has already figured this out and shared the news on a forum, confirming that they are “absolutely right.” Gans also reveals that: “in other words, the film is indeed part of a whole.”

Gans also said in the same interview that he is working with Konami and that he believes the video game company has “been galvanized” by the success of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 and 3 reboots, which as Gans says himself, “are marvelous games.” It sounds like Gans is saying is that the Silent Hill franchise is getting a revival and the director is working on a film as part of this. However, it also sounds like Konami didn’t exactly ask Gans to make a new film and that it took it upon himself to do so.

Revealed in the same interview, Gans said that during the pandemic (and following the death of Silent Hill film producer Samuel Hadida), the director went through all the rights that Hadida had acquired, with Hadida’s brother Victor, and realized that they still have the rights to not only Silent Hill but also Fatal Frame. This then prompted Gans and Hadida to realize: “We have to do something about it.”

If you weren’t aware that Gans was working on a new Silent Hill film, you’re not alone. It looks as though, other than dropping hints in the odd interview, Gans is yet to officially announce the project along with any firm details about it. According to another French outlet though, Jeux Video (opens in new tab), the film does very much exist and is apparently aiming for a 2023 release date. 

We can’t say we’re surprised about news about a potential new Silent Hill game either, as there have been countless rumors about it for quite a while now. As recently as last month a series of screenshots – allegedly of a new Silent Hill game – were uploaded online and very quickly taken down due to a copyright claim, which almost makes the leak that little bit more credible. Not only this but these screenshots have since been seemingly confirmed by an actor on the project.

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