Sims 4 players cant get away from this creepy menu mascot

Sims 4 fans are seeing the game’s strange Ring Ring Girl everywhere.

Maxis recently released a new patch for the fourth instalment of its long-running social simulation series. Among the various changes and fixes was an update to the game’s main menu that confused some Sims 4 fans and horrified others. 

Ring Ring Girl, a strange phone-obsessed character that would sometimes hang out at the bottom of the main menu, had hijacked the whole Sims 4 home screen. There was no point restarting your game, she’d still be there waiting for you with her cold, wide eyes when it reloaded. 


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Ring Ring Girl or Callia Maebey, to give her her real name, had been plastered all over the menu by Maxis on purpose, seemingly to amuse, confuse and scare fans in equal measure. “In our main menu… and possibly into my nightmares” was the reaction of one Sims 4 player on Twitter (opens in new tab)

According to PC Gamer (opens in new tab), the menu is thankfully now back to normal, but Ring Ring Girl is now a part of the game itself. In a tweet, Maxis announced that she’s available in the gallery, allowing you to add the phone enthusiast to your family of Sims. Why you would want to though is anyone’s guess. 

Ring Ring Simmers! 📱 Have you seen me on the new main menu? 🤩 Well, alongside today’s update, I’m now available on the gallery to download🙌🥳 26, 2022

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Love her or hate her, it seems there’s no escaping Ring Ring Girl.

The Sims 4’s recent update, Neighbourhood Stories, lets you witness the virtual events happening outside of your household, including the horrible deaths of your Sim’s neighbours.

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