Skate 4 is free-to-play

EA has announced that Skate 4 (or just ‘skate.’ if you prefer) will be a live service, free-to-play game due to launch across PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms with cross-play and cross-progression.

The news comes as part of a new developer stream, in which the devs insist that the game is “not pay to win,” and that there will be “no map areas locked behind [a] paywall,” “no paid loot boxes,” and “no paid gameplay advantages.” They add that the game is taking inspiration from titles like Apex Legends for its monetization model in an effort to provide a good experience to players who don’t want to spend money.

The devs also insist that this is “not Skate 4.” In other words, it’s not a direct sequel – or a remake or remaster, for that matter. There are no plans for standalone sequels, as the studio intends to pour updates into this game as it continues to evolve. It takes place in San Vansterdam, a whole new city, considered sort of a sister city to the San Vanelona of the older games.

The new Skate will feature cross-play and cross-progression across last-gen and new-gen consoles as well as PC. A mobile version is also in the works, which will support the cross-platform options.

For now, the game still has a launch date of “when it’s ready,” so don’t expect it to be anytime soon. Playtest sign-ups are live right now, however, and many players will be able to get in this summer – though the devs say not everyone will be able to get access right now.

The devs are hoping you won’t download that cracked Skate 4 playtest, however.

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