Skull and Bones rated in Australia and sorry but theres no pirate nudity

Skull and Bones has been rated by the Australian Classification Board, suggesting that Ubisoft’s troubled pirate sim is finally approaching its repeatedly delayed launch. 

Australia’s rating (opens in new tab) corroborates many of the details from a recent Korean ratings board entry for Skull and Bones, including its Mature rating. Australia notes themes, violence, language, drug use, and sex of “moderate impact,” but specifies that there’s no nudity whatsoever. How Skull and Bones manages moderate sex with zero nudity remains to be seen, or perhaps unseen. 

The official blurb for consumer advice holds some answers, as well as a few other, unsurprising details. “Mature themes, violence, drug use, coarse language and sexual references, online interactivity and in-game purchases,” it reads. 

A sizable leaked video of Skull and Bones outlined the story and setting of the game last month. It seems you’ll navigate the Indian Ocean during the “golden age of piracy,” warring against other players as you fight over treasure and prestige in a multiplayer-focused naval romp.  

In February, Ubisoft claimed that work on Skull and Bones is “going well” despite persistent reports of an extended and chaotic development process, and affirmed that its release was planned for the next fiscal year. 

In its latest earnings call, the company doubled down on this forecast and also added Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and Mario + Rabbids sparks of Hope to the list of games planned to launch by March 31, 2023. 

Ubisoft recently announced a new partnership with PlayStation which will bring its Ubisoft+ subscription service directly to the revamped PlayStation Plus Premium.  

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