Skyrim co-op gets even better with the latest Skyrim Together mod update

Long-anticipated multiplayer mod Skyrim Together finally launched earlier this month, and the devs have now launched a major update addressing some of the mod’s biggest bugs.

Update 1.1.0 removes killcams, for example – the replays were occasionally preventing enemies from dying. Now you’ll no longer have to install a separate ‘no killcam’ mod as a workaround. Enemies will also now more evenly attack the entire party, rather than ganging up on the party leader.

The patch notes, available on Reddit (opens in new tab), are full of minor details like that. The server list is back, the UI’s been made more stable, and some crashes have been fixed. The next update is expected to fix crashes related to picking up arrows, make werewolf transformations consistent for all players, and fix the favorites menu.

These might all seem like major changes and, well, they are, but getting multiplayer up and running in a game as massive as Skyrim is no mean feat in itself, and it’s impressive to see a group of community developers be so proactive about bug fixes.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to do a fresh install of the mod to get the update, uninstalling the old version and replacing it with 1.1.0. Your existing saves will continue to work with the update, at least.

The developers who’ve done the principal work on the project have expressed their desire to move on, but as a community project there’s likely to always be someone willing to carry the torch and keep improving it.

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