Sonic Origins trailer finally explains how the new coins work

A new Sonic Origins trailer offers a breakdown of how each of the collection’s new modes will work – and finally explains what coins are for.

Each of the four games in the collection will offer two main modes. Classic offers “the original game presentation in 4:3 with remastered visuals,” though it’s unclear what’s remastered in this mode. Either way, this is the way to play if you want the original lives system of the 90s. Anniversary mode expands the game screen to fill a widescreen view and gives you infinite lives.

Story mode strings all four games together into a single, contiguous experience, with new animated opening and ending cutscenes to help bridge the gaps. (The original Sonic CD cutscene is in there too, don’t worry.)

A boss rush mode in each game lets you face off against all the major enemies. Mission mode offers a variety of challenges that you can take on, earning ranks based on how well you do. An unlockable mirror mode lets you play each game backwards, as well.

Coins can be unlocked by smashing open special item boxes hidden scattered across stages in anniversary mode, or by completing missions. You can spend coins to instantly retry special stages in anniversary mode, or to unlock things like concept art, videos, and music in a museum, which also features some “never before seen content.”

While Origins looks like a solid collection of the classics, things like the game’s confusing DLC rollout and the removal of other classic releases from digital stores have left fans scratching their heads.

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