Sora is the final Smash Ultimate DLC fighter

The final Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter is Sora, from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

The character’s addition to the game’s roster was confirmed during the final Mr Sakurai presents showcase, in which the game’s director introduced the new arrival and explained their moveset, which features the character’s iconic Keyblade weapon.

Their arrival in the game heralds the culmination of Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s second DLC pass, which Nintendo has already made clear means there’ll be no new characters added to the title. Even so, it’s been a long road for the platform fighter, which is reaching the end of its second pass nearly three years after the game’s original release in December 2018. Today’s trailer kicked off with a rapid supercut of some of the many characters that have made their way to the game, and also featured the arrival of new Mii fighter costumes inspired by Splatoon and Doom.

As always, there’s been plenty of speculation about which character would have the honour of being the final addition to the Smash Ultimate roster. Predictions have included Waluigi, Master Chief, and even characters from Team Fortress 2, but it now seems as though none of them will ever make it to the title. Ahead of today’s show, Sakurai invited even those who don’t play the game to tune in to the reveal, while the game’s official account encouraged fans to “let your imagination run wild.”

Sora is arriving in Smash on October 18.

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