South Park: The Fractured But Whole Combat TimeFarts Unlock Guide

Knowing how to unlock all Combat TimeFarts in South Park: The Fractured But Whole aren’t just useful combat tools, these abilities are crucial to solve puzzles and more. Using them you can pause time, rewind objects and even change the time of day by altering the Earth’s rotation. It’s a big mechanic and if you want to find all the available options for completionism, trophy collecting, to just to see what you can do, then we can help. Here’s where to find and unlock all Combat TimeFarts in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

There are four Combat TimeFarts in total that you’ll need to unlock to earn the Fully Bloated trophy or achievement – three are received as part of the story, but you’ll need to track down the final one separately. Here’s what you have to do to find them all.

1. TimeFart Glitch

During the story mission The Bowels of the Beast, you’ll unlock this TimeFart by eating an Enchirito after chasing Classi through The Peppermint Hippo. In combat, the TimeFart Glitch will cancel an enemy’s turn, while in free roam it rewinds objects and living things back to their previous state.

2. TimeFart Pause

In the story mission Medicinal Fried Fiasco, you need to construct a Cheesy Shrimparito. For the ingredients, Fartkour onto the roof of Skeeter’s Wine Bar to find Skeeter’s Roof-Aged Cheese, then purchase the Super Spicy City Shrimp from City Wok. Head to Medicinal Fried Chicken and follow the prompts to unlock this TimeFart. In combat, the TimeFart Pause lets you get several free hits in on your opponent(s), while in free roam it renders hazards temporarily harmless so you can get past them.

3. TimeFart Shift

During the story mission The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto, you’ll unlock this TimeFart by using the fan outside Mephesto’s Genetics Lab to advance time to the evening. The TimeFart Shift can be used to shift between day and night, but only when used in conjunction with a working fan.

4. TimeFart Summon

To unlock this final TimeFart, there are a number of steps you need to complete. First, visit Freeman’s Tacos and purchase the Chocolate Memberito Recipe for $30.00. This requires three ingredients, one of which is a tortilla that you can also buy at Freeman’s Tacos if you don’t have one already.

Next, you need a Bucket of Memberberry Juice. Head to Skeeter’s Wine Bar and Fartkour onto the roof, then push the fireworks to the right and blow them up to drop the fan unit onto the dumpster. Now Fartkour back to the street and grab the Memberberry Farms Juicer Crank that has appeared. Take it to Hillvale Farm and use it on the barrel of berries to obtain the Bucket of Memberberry Juice.

Finally, you need Ms. Cartman’s Double Stuffed Brownies. Go to Cartman’s House and speak to Ms. Cartman in the kitchen to start the Vigilante Marketing side mission. Travel to Skeeter’s Wine Bar and hand out her business cards to the gentlemen inside, then return to Ms. Cartman to receive your chocolate reward. Craft the Chocolate Memberito and the final TimeFart is yours. The TimeFart Summon can only be used in combat, and brings your past self into the battle for a limited time to fight alongside you.

Congratulations – you’ve unlocked all Combat TimeFarts in South Park: The Fractured But Whole and earned the Fully Bloated trophy or achievement.

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