Spider-Man dev “absolutely would” remake the original PS1 game

The Spider-Man game series is now probably best known for 2018’s Spider-Man, and its follow up Spider-Man: Miles Morales, both developed by Insomniac Games. But long before the Ratchet and Clank creator treated us to its take on the web-swinging superhero, Spider-Man was in the hands of developer NeverSoft.

NeverSoft’s virtual Spidey adventure, simply titled Spider-Man, was released all the way back in 2000. Despite the technical limitations of the time, web-swinging around the game’s 3D environments made for a fun and immersive experience. It managed to really capture the feel of the franchise and was arguably the best Spider-Man game at the time. 

There are no doubt many who would like to see Spider-Man’s original PS1 outing given a modern makeover. Someone who’s clearly keen to see that happen is the game’s lead designer Chad Findley.

When asked by GamingBible (opens in new tab) whether he would be interested in working on a remaster or remake of the game, Findley says, “While I would initially be reticent because of the nightmarish licensing and approval processes that are around these days… I absolutely would do it.”

“I love Spider-Man. It was such a great, nerdy character with stories that always have positive messages and themes while also still being exciting and fun. Stuff we need these days,” he adds.

As Findley points out, there’s a lot of red tape around a potential remake, but if more individuals are as enthusiastic as he is, who knows what might happen. 

As well as a Spider-Man sequel, Insomniac is also working on a Wolverine game which seems poised to begin motion capture very soon.

Find out which of Peter Parker’s past adventures are worth playing as we rank the 10 best Spider-Man games of all-time.

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