Starfield bounty hunter faction art features wrist-mounted weapon rails

Starfield players think they might have discovered Mandalorian-style arm-mounted weapons in some new concept art.

Last week, Bethesda introduced us to the galaxy as it will appear in Starfieldthe ‘Settled Systems’. Within that trailer, which offered an explanation of how the game’s major factions will work, the developer showed off some concept art of various bad guys who’ll make your trips among the stars a little more tricky, including “Ecliptic Mercenaries.”

Sealed in some bulky armor and with a face obscured behind a visored helmet, those mercenaries look pretty intimidating, but over on Reddit, user K4TS119 spotted a detail that could both help and hinder your efforts against them. K4TS119 notes that the character’s gauntlet features a gun rail – a tool used to add attachments like scopes and mounts to modern weapons.

Sci-fi has taken that idea a little further, most notably via Star Wars’ Mandolorians. Jango and Boba Fett, as well as relative newcomer Din Djarin, all sport a number of arm-mounted weapons, and it looks like this Starfield art hints at a similar concept for the upcoming game.

Of course, this is only concept art for an NPC faction, so there’s no guarantee that the feature will make its way to the game, or that players will be able to use it for themselves. Given that the artwork depicts a bounty hunter, it could just be one artist’s referential nod to a galaxy far, far away. Hopefully we’ll start to find out more for certain relatively soon, but Bethesda’s space-faring RPG is still some way off – the Starfield release date is currently set for November 11, 2022.

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