Starfield release window might have been narrowed to early 2023

Starfield could launch in “early 2023,” according to new details revealed by Xbox Game Pass.

Earlier today on June 9, a Starfield subreddit user noticed that the Xbox Game Pass sign up screen on the Xbox Series X had a new detail attached to it. Near the very bottom of the screen, a tiny line of text reads “Starfield: expected early 2023,” possibly narrowing down the release date for Bethesda’s new RPG.

This is actually a pretty big narrowing of Starfield‘s release window, if it’s a genuinely accurate hint from Xbox Game Pass. Previously, we only knew that Starfield was delayed to the “first half of 2023,” which Xbox and Bethesda Game Studios announced just last month in May.

Shortly after the delay announcement, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said the company would “continue to work to better meet expectations.” Just yesterday on June 8 though, a report alleged brutal crunch during Fallout 76’s development period, which actually pulled staff away from Starfield at Bethesda Game Studios. This could have contributed to the delaying of Bethesda’s big new game.

Our next big look at Starfield might be nearly upon us. Previously, Starfield game director Todd Howard pointed toward Summer 2022 as a potential window for seeing Starfield’s gameplay for the very first time, and we’re rapidly approaching Xbox and Bethesda’s E3 2022 showcase this weekend, a prime opportunity to showcase more of the new RPG.

Head over to our complete E3 2022 schedule guide for an overview of where and when every major showcase is taking place over the coming weekend.

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