Starfield screenshots allegedly taken from a 2018 build have leaked online

Several new screenshots allegedly taken from an early version of the new Starfield game have found their way online.

Whilst we can’t verify their authenticity, the new images on r/StarfieldAlliance (opens in new tab) – which have no accompanying text and are labeled as “5 new leaked pictures from the 2018 build of Starfield” – are broadly in keeping with other Starfield (opens in new tab) images that have leaked thus far, and have got fans very excited indeed, not least because up until now, players have seen very little of the sci-fi adventure. 

This latest series of five images show off a base from both inside and outside perspectives, and a non-descript player looking out at an unfinished space-scape (thanks, VGC). 

Given that these latest images are allegedly from a 2018 build of the game, they are likely to vary wildly from the final product – for better or worse – so bear that in mind whilst looking them over below:

5_new_leaked_pictures_from_the_2018_build_of from r/StarfieldAlliance

Did you know that Starfield gameplay might have been shown off for the first time in the game’s latest trailer (opens in new tab)? As we summarized at the time, a couple of weeks back, in the new episode of the studio’s Into the Starfield developer updates, design director Emil Pagliarulo, lead quest designer Will Shen, lead artist Istvan Pely, and game director Todd Howard discussed multiple aspects of Bethesda’s upcoming RPG. During the discussion, the group shared a new video teaser, too.

It’s still not entirely clear whether this is a gameplay clip or not, but the voice acting does lend credence to that idea and as Ali posited in his news report, both Vasco and the area around them are extremely well-rendered, implying that this almost certainly won’t be live gameplay and is more likely to be cutscene footage instead.

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