Steven Spielberg says he has “a few” Westerns in development

Steven Spielberg has revealed that the only genre he still wants to explore is the Western – and he has “a few” in development.

In an interview with Yahoo (opens in new tab), Spielberg was asked whether there were any other genres he’d still like to tackle now that he’d ticked musicals off his list with West Side Story

“I was asked that question over the last forty years of my career, if not longer, and I always said a musical was the one thing I haven’t done,” the director replied. “The thing I neglected to say, which I’ve never done, and the one genre that I haven’t really tackled yet, is the Western. So, who knows, maybe I’ll be putting on spurs someday, who knows?”

He added: “I got a few in development right now, but who’s to say which one will spring to the forefront.”

Different takes on the Western have seen a rise in popularity recently, with movies like The Harder They Fall, The Power of the Dog, and First Cow hitting the big screen this year, so it would be interesting to see what Spielberg’s spin on the genre would look like.

The director has tackled pretty much every other genre you can think of over his long career, from sci-fi movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind to war movies like Saving Private Ryan and biopics like Lincoln

Spileberg’s latest movie, West Side Story, will arrive on the big screen on December 10. In the meantime, check out our list of all the movie release dates that should be on your radar.

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