Stranger Things 4 viewers are divided over Volume 2’s major death

We were promised big deaths heading into Stranger Things season 4, Volume 2 – and the Duffer brothers didn’t disappoint. However, not everyone was so pleased with how the battle of Hawkins played out.

Before we get any further, there are MAJOR spoilers ahead for Stranger Things season 4 in this article. Don’t read any more if you haven’t seen the finale episode of the latest season.

So now we know, Eddie Munson didn’t make it out of Stranger Things season 4 alive. The beloved rocker was one of the victims of the Upside Down when his and Dustin’s part of the plan didn’t go as they’d hoped. They’d been charged with distracting the Demobats to buy Nancy, Steve, and Robin enough time to destroy Vecna’s body.

At first, it seemed like this was working as they barricaded themselves in the trailer. Then the bats started finding their way in through the vents. Eddie and Dustin decided to head back to Hawkins – but at the last moment, Eddie chose not to run away and stayed to fight the creatures. Sadly, it didn’t take them very long to kill him as Eddie bled out in Dustin’s arms. 

Despite only being introduced earlier in the season, Eddie very quickly became one of the most-loved characters in the show. As a result, many were understandably devastated about his fate.

Eddie in Stranger Things

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“Eddie’s death was too painful to watch,” wrote one viewer (opens in new tab). “And the worst part after his death was he’s still labeled as the bad guy of the town.” While another penned (opens in new tab): “No other character death has ever hit like this. Gaten and Joe’s performances here had me in pain sobbing.”

Other viewers were disappointed by how the Duffer brothers chose to portray Eddie’s death. In particular, the fact that none of the other characters acknowledged what happened – apart from Dustin and Eddie’s own uncle – has led to criticism. 

“The worst thing about Eddie’s death is that it looks like the only one who cares is Dustin, like, what the fuck was that,” one wrote (opens in new tab). While another added: “Why did no one care about Eddie’s death except Dustin?” as a third penned (opens in new tab): “Eddie deserved better. He didn’t even get a fucking funeral.”

However, not everyone agreed. Some Stranger Things viewers thought the death scene was handled beautifully. “Guess what Eddie’s death was crazy, the whole build-up before his death was amazing,” wrote one fan (opens in new tab). “He died a powerful death and I think that’s what makes him truly iconic,” added another (opens in new tab). A third simply wrote (opens in new tab): “Eddie’s death scene was beautiful.”

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