Stranger Things theory suggests Eddie could return as a villain in season 5

*Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Stranger Things season 4*

Stranger Things fans aren’t ready to officially say goodbye to Eddie Munson – so much so, in fact, they have come up with a pretty plausible theory that could see the fan favorite character return in season 5.

Eddie, played by Joseph Quinn, was introduced in the very first episode of season 4, and it didn’t take long for viewers to warm to the larger-than-life metalhead. Throughout the nine episodes, the rocker found himself hiding from the police after cheerleader Chrissy wound up dead in his trailer, and helping our Hawkins heroes fight Vecna. Only, he didn’t make it out of the battle alive. 

In his and Dustin’s attempt to distract a colony of vicious Demobats so that Robin, Nancy, and Steve could torch Vecna’s body elsewhere in the Upside Down, Eddie was bitten several times, and appeared to bleed out in his Hellfire Club pal’s arms. While the circumstances of his death were tragic and grisly, people are convinced it’s a sign that he’ll be back in the next chapter as vampire Kas, a villain lifted right out of Eddie’s beloved roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons.

“Eddie is not dead. The Duffer Brothers have said that you cannot die from the bite of a bat. Yes, you can eventually bleed out, but the bite alone, will not kill you,” one person writes on Facebook (via Reddit (opens in new tab)). “I have this theory that Eddie will become Kas, the vampire…. the right hand man to Vecna, Kas eventually turns on Vecna and defeats him.”

“I don’t think Eddie’s arc is finished,” reads a reply, while someone else joked: “I don’t care if a Demodog farts smelling salts in Eddie’s general direction, and it brings him back to life. I’ll take it!”

The post points out that, in D&D, Kas wields a sword and a shield covered in spikes, which resembles the spear and makeshift shield Eddie fashions himself out of a trash can lid and nails before facing the Demobats. Other fans have noted that Eddie has bat tattoos on his forearm, which could be the show’s way of foreshadowing his fanged future.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer have brought back a character after they seemingly died on screen. Season 4 saw Matthew Modine’s Dr. Martin Brenner return to push, pull, and prod Eleven, confirming that he wasn’t killed in a deadly-looking Demogorgon attack in season 1. (He went on to actually meet his maker in the new batch of episodes, though). 

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