Stranger Things producer reveals why season 5 is the right time to end

Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy has revealed why season 5 is the right time for the Netflix show to end. 

Creators and executive producers the Duffer brothers announced that the series would be ending with the next season earlier this year, though left the door open for spin-offs. 

“Well, we never wanted to run on fumes and we wanted to only tell as much story as the brothers saw and feel with clarity,” Levy told Screen Rant (opens in new tab). “So it’s been clear for a while that they know exactly where we’re headed and this is the arc. We wouldn’t want to stick around for one moment beyond that vision and the clarity of that voice.” 

He continued: “So rather than focusing on that sad day that happens who knows when, the end of season five, I’ll just once again reaffirm what I’ve told everyone, which is it has been a long-ass wait for season four. But I swear to God, the world will realize it’s worth it.”

Season 3 released way back in 2019, which means it’s been three years since the series was last on our screens. A bumper sized Stranger Things season 4 is arriving in two parts later this year.

Plot details are still shrouded in mystery, with a number of cryptic teasers released ahead of the fourth installment. The key development going into season 4 seems to be that David Harbour’s Hopper actually survived the events of season 3, and is being held captive in Russia. 

Stranger Things season 4 part 1 releases this May 27, with part 2 landing on July 1. In the meantime, check out our guide to the best Netflix shows to fill out your watchlist. 

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