New Stranger Things video is a cryptic countdown begging to be deciphered

Update! The countdown has ended and it points to a new Stranger Things trailer. Check it out here.

There’s something mysterious brewing in the world of Stranger Things – and fans are trying their hardest to figure it out.

The official Twitter account for the Netflix sci-fi horror series shared (opens in new tab) a 15-second video of a grandfather clock in the middle of what appears to be an outdoor shopping mall. The caption contains a pair of coordinates and an active link to a 24-hour Youtube livestream (opens in new tab).

🕰 (34.0151800, -118.4955348) 🕰 11, 2022

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Fans were quick to figure out that the coordinates are for the Third Street Promenade, an outdoor strip mall located in Santa Monica, California. In the live stream, the camera periodically zooms in and out on the clock, which is covered in webs and what appear to be tentacles or tendrils that are quite reminiscent of the Upside Down and its resident monster, the Demogorgon. Men in lab coats that say Hawkins National Laboratory (HNL) take turns approaching the clock and checking their clipboards. HNL was featured heavily in season one as the testing facility where Eleven was being held and experimented on.

The first part of Stranger Things season 4 premieres May 27, with the second half hitting the streamer July 1. The series is set to end after season 5, with the Duffer Brothers stating that the show’s story arc proved “too large” to wrap up in just four seasons.

The clock is counting down the hours and minutes to…something. Youtuber users have speculated in the stream’s chat that the countdown is for a brand new trailer – or perhaps something even bigger.

For more, check out our round-up of everything we know so far about Stranger Things season 4.

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