Super Dungeon Maker blends Zelda with Super Mario Maker

Super Dungeon Maker looks like a Legend of Zelda twist on the Super Mario Maker formula.

Just below, you can check out the most recent trailer for Super Dungeon Maker, a game coming soon to both PC and Nintendo Switch. The game bills itself as a Zelda and Mario-like dungeon creator, and it’s not exactly wrong, as you can construct your own levels, pathways, rooms, and combat encounters through a chaotic dungeon of your own design.

All throughout the trailer, you can see a variety of player-created dungeons in action. The player character (who looks like a cool chicken) battles their way through tentacled monsters, revolving doorways with hidden switches, dashes over gaps in the floor, and goes toe-to-toe with formidable bosses.

In fact, Super Dungeon Maker already boasts well over 750 community-designed levels. Although the new game from developer Firechick isn’t due to launch until next week on February 15 for both PC and Nintendo Switch, it appears the developer has already got fans cracking on expertly-crafted levels, which should be ready to delve in and play when the builder launches next week.

That being said, Super Dungeon Maker is only launching into early access next week. While a final launch date appears to be some way off for Firechick’s game just yet, we can be fairly sure that the developer will continue working on and implementing new features for the dungeon builder in the near future. Here’s hoping we get some exciting new features for our dungeons further down the road.

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