Supermassive trademarks “The Quarry”, and it doesnt look like its a Dark Pictures game

Another trademark filing has been uncovered for Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures’ developer Supermassive Games – only we don’t think this one has anything to do with the horror anthology.  

While, admittedly, we don’t learn much about the game itself beyond the fact it’s categorized under the games software, entertainment services, and computer programming services categories – not really surprising for a video game, right? – we do get a logo and a name: The Quarry. 

The filing (opens in new tab), spotted by @the_marmolade (opens in new tab) and reported by VGC (opens in new tab), was made with the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office on February 17, 2022, and according to inside sources, rumor has it this new game will be published by 2K, allegedly by the end of the year, too.

Perhaps most interestingly, though, there’s no sign that – unlike the five new trademarks recently filed in relation to The Dark Pictures series (opens in new tab) – The Quarry is part of the horror franchise; when we’ve seen Supermassive filings in the past, “The Dark Pictures” has always been very clearly included in the official branding.  

As Hirun summarized for us at the time, The Dark Pictures saga began with The Man of Medan back in 2019, and its most recent release was The House of Ashes (opens in new tab), which launched just a few months ago in October 2021 – the spookiest season, of course. 

Though we don’t yet know very much about it beyond the gory Saw vibes (opens in new tab), the next chapter will be called The Devil in Me (opens in new tab) and we can presumably look forward to it around Halloween this year. And that means that, theoretically, the five new game names trademarked by Supermassive – “The Craven Man”, “O Death”, “Directive 8020”, “Intercession”, and “Winterfold” – could not be released for up to another five years going on the studio’s current release schedule.

Could The Quarry be Supermassive’s new venture into multiplayer games (opens in new tab), which the studio was last seen hiring for back in December 2021? Watch this space, eh?

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