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DokeV TikTok videos focus on Rockstar dance moves

DokeV has a TikTok now, and it’ll likely come as little surprise that the account is leaning pretty hard on one particular song. The game’s official account on the platform launched just a few days ago, but it’s already amassed millions of views. If you’re expecting a closer look at …

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DokeV is more than just a next-gen take on Pokemon

The response to DokeV’s debut at Gamescom this August was, perhaps, predictable. It is, after all, a gorgeous creature-collecting open-world adventure so, among the buzz that followed that first trailer, it was only natural to see some suggesting that this is what they’d hoped Pokémon games might look like by …

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DokeV preview: Developer talks boss fights, folklore inspiration, and capturing childlike wonder

Having injected fresh life into MMOs with its combat-heavy Black Desert, Pearl Abyss is a studio full of ambition. Crimson Desert, its upcoming gritty fantasy adventure is taking its genre further, blending single-player and multiplayer together within a glorious open world. DokeV [doh-keh-vee], while another multiplayer open-world adventure, is something …

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