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The best PS5 accessories in 2023

The best PS5 accessories can rejuvenate your console experience to no end. Between optimizing your audio to providing additional Remote Play controls, there’s plenty of kit out there to compliment your current generation console. We’re listing our favorite gadgets and gizmos right here, after stocking our own PS5 setups with …

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PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Which should you buy?

Deciding whether to invest in a PS5 vs Xbox Series X is a significant decision, because firstly they’re expensive, secondly difficult to buy, and thirdly lock you into a game ecosystem for at least the next few years.  Even after nearly two years, it can still be tricky to find …

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Should you buy a refurbished gaming PC?

The idea of buying a ‘refurbished’ variant of the best gaming PC– or any second-hand electronics, really – sounds inherently risky, doesn’t it? And yet, the global market for cheap gaming PCs and refurbished PCs, in particular, is growing rapidly, expected to reach a staggering eight billion dollars in total …

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