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Heres why John Carpenter quit Red Dead Redemption

Iconic horror director and lover of video games John Carpenter has more gaming opinions, including a hilarious reason for not playing the Red Dead Redemption series. Carpenter has spoken about his love for video games before, most notably praising Assassin’s Creed Valhalla back in 2020, calling it an “incredible game” …

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Best Xbox 360 games of all time

The best Xbox 360 games showcase just how many memorable and fantastic titles found a home on Microsoft’s console. To say the Xbox 360 was a huge success is no exaggeration. After first launching in 2005, the console went on to see close 90 million units, with an extensive library …

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Red Dead Redemption treasure hunting guide

Red Dead Redemption treasure hunting is a great way to make some big money and have a pretty sweet adventure along the way. After all, considering how far Blondie, Tuco and Angel Eyes went to make a mint, they must’ve had some fun doing it, right…? Well, even if not, …

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