Red Dead Redemption fans get the remake theyve been pining for in this fan-made Unreal Engine 5 trailer

This fan-made trailer shows Red Dead Redemption reconstructed in the Unreal Engine 5.

Posted on YouTube earlier this month by channel Enfant Terrible, the trailer seen just below is the culmination of work from eight different artists around the globe. The group have come together to put their expertize in Unreal Engine 5 to the test, showing off what a Red Dead Redemption remake utilizing the new engine could one day look like.

The trailer showcases the stunning landscapes of the old West that we came to know so well in Rockstar’s original game. We can see eagles soaring over gorgeous valleys and cliffs, protagonist John Marston reconstructed in exquisite detailing, and even the detailing on the barrel of his gun (which is something Red Dead Redemption 2 prided itself on, you might recall).

This is a beautiful snapshot of the original Red Dead Redemption, but obviously that’s all it is right now. Even if the unthinkable were to happen, and Rockstar actually was to remake Red Dead Redemption in the new-gen engine, there’s no guarantee the final product would even look at all like this, once you take into account the vast scope and scale of the original game.

The hopes and dreams of Red Dead Redemption fans is what powered this video to popularity in the first place. Players have been clamouring for a remake or remaster of the 2010 original for a few years now, and rumors have abounded of such a project in the works, with one report claiming knowledge of a Red Dead Redemption remaster back in November 2021. So far though, there’s been nothing to show of it.

What we do know is that Rockstar is developing a brand new Grand Theft Auto game, and you can head over to our GTA 6 guide for everything we know about the new project so far.

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