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Splatoon 3 shines in its opening hours

I really like games like Splatoon 3, where you can switch at will between a kid and a squid. No extra tiers of nonsense. No microtransactions to wade through. No endless list of perks to mix together. No DLC splitting the player base. Just squids, kids, and downright impeccable vibes.  …

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Ay! Splatoon 3 fans cant get enough of Big Man

Splatoon 3 fans are already loving the new manta ray character Big Man following today’s game-specific Nintendo Direct.  In case you missed it, Nintendo hosted another Direct today, this time focusing on the upcoming Splatoon sequel. During the 30-minute presentation, we got plenty of takeaways from new gameplay elements, a …

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Latest Overwatch patch targets tanks

Overwatch 2‘s latest set of Beta patch notes target Tanks specifically. Earlier today on July 15, Blizzard published a brand new list of patch notes for Overwatch 2 over on the game’s official website (opens in new tab). This new patch seems to be aimed at Tank characters in particular, …

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