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Scrapped Batgirl movie would have introduced Killer Moth

A new behind the scenes picture from the canceled Batgirl movie has revealed that Killer Moth was set to debut in the film. Leslie Grace starred as the titular hero, while Brendan Fraser played the villain Firefly, and Michael Keaton was returning as Batman.  “Doesn’t seem much point keeping quiet …

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DCs scrapped cinematic plans reportedly revealed

More details about Warner Bros.’ scrapped plans for the DCEU have been revealed. The studio is currently putting together a 10 year plan for the DC universe, inspired by the MCU overseen by Kevin Feige.  According to The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab), before Warner Bros. and Discovery combined, …

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First look – Batman – One Bad Day: The Riddler #1

Batman is going to have One Bad Day.  Worse than dying in Justice League #75?  …Sorry, we couldn’t resist.  Revealed via its social media over the course of May 17, DC will publish a series of standalone, 64-page, one-shot comic books over eight months featuring Batman’s most iconic enemies.  The …

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