How to set up the Xbox mobile app and configure your console

The Xbox mobile app will really speed up how long it takes to set up your new Xbox Series X, allowing you to get from plugging in the console to playing games on it much faster. Configuring your system settings, and sorting updates can be a real buzzkill after unpacking your console, but you can have all of your console settings prepared through your mobile device to speed things up. If you’ve picked up one of the Xbox Series X deals and you’re ready to get started, here’s everything you need to know about setting up your Xbox Series X console via the Xbox mobile app.

How to download the Xbox mobile app

Xbox mobile app

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If you’re an Android user then downloading the Xbox mobile app is relatively simple, as you just need to go to the Google Play Store and search for “Xbox” then install it. For iOS users, you can do the same thing on the App Store to get the Xbox app installed to your Apple device. After you’ve completed your console setup, you can use this app to manage and download screenshots and clips that you might have captured using the Xbox Share button on the updated controller included with your Xbox Series X.

How to set up your console with the Xbox mobile app

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

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With the Xbox app successfully installed on your mobile device, launch it and then open the Library tab – which is the icon made up of three books down at the bottom – then choose ‘Consoles’ followed by ‘Set up a new console’. All you need to do then is follow the instructions, which will take you through the configuration process on the Xbox mobile app to get all your settings ready. Once your Xbox Series X or S has finished updating you should see your Gamertag displayed on screen, then grab a controller and hold the Xbox button to connect it so you can follow the prompts and complete the set up.

At this point you should be all ready to start gaming, but if you encounter any issues with the Xbox mobile app or this set up procedure, you can always complete it through the console once you’ve connected your controller – here’s how to pair an Xbox Series X controller if you need any assistance with that.

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