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LEGO Batman 2 Red Brick Locations

The LEGO Batman 2 Red Bricks are found throughout Gotham City, and each one you get will unlock a special extra that adds some special perks character abilities. There are 20 Red Bricks to find in LEGO Batman 2, and their effects range from adding glasses and moustaches to all …

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Xbox GTA 3 deal was originally rejected by Microsoft

Grand Theft Auto 3 was originally rejected by Microsoft as game for the Xbox, a new documentary has revealed. Over the past weekend, Microsoft debuted Power On: The Story of Xbox, a six-part mini documentary series available on YouTube, Roku, and other platforms. In the third episode (opens in new …

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Xbox 360 blades dashboard returns to Xbox website

The classic Xbox 360 blades dashboard has been brought back via the Xbox website which now supports a similar theme.  Veteran Xbox fans will remember the original Xbox 360 theme that launched with the console back in 2005. The blades dashboard theme was a much sleeker upgrade from the original …

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