Xbox 360 blades dashboard returns to Xbox website

The classic Xbox 360 blades dashboard has been brought back via the Xbox website which now supports a similar theme. 

Veteran Xbox fans will remember the original Xbox 360 theme that launched with the console back in 2005. The blades dashboard theme was a much sleeker upgrade from the original Xbox’s transparent green dashboard and sported metallic blade-like menu transitions that mimicked the shape of the original Xbox 360 console. 

As spotted by VG247 (opens in new tab), If you head on over to the Xbox official website (opens in new tab) right now, you’ll be able to relive the good old days as you are presented with the likes of new Xbox releases Far Cry 6 and Back 4 Blood being advertised in the classic theme. 

It appears this new look only affects the home page of the Xbox website though as once you click on any of the buttons below you’ll be sent to a page that features the usual modern-looking UI. 

The blades theme graced the console from 2005 – 2008 until it was replaced by an even neater New Xbox Experience dashboard, which – although didn’t quite have the same charm as the blades theme – did make navigating the console’s menus a little easier. 

Microsoft honoring the console generations that came before isn’t a new thing. Especially considering the company will be celebrating the Xbox’s 20th anniversary next month. Earlier this year, Microsoft also released an Xbox Series X dynamic theme that replicated that original Xbox theme.  

That’s also not the only thing Xbox has released in honor of its upcoming birthday. The video game company has also teamed up with sportswear brand Adidas to produce a pair of very green Xbox-themed shoes, with more designs on the way. Microsoft has also announced the release of a 20th anniversary Xbox Series X controller and headset that features the same transparent black and green coloring as the original set of Xbox consoles. 

Want to get a glimpse into Xbox’s future? Take a look at our upcoming Xbox Series X games list. 

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