Take a virtual tour of Japans Pokemon Fossil Museum from home

You can now tour Japan’s Pokemon Fossil Museum entirely from the comfort of your own home.

As first reported by PokeJungle (opens in new tab) yesterday on July 11, the Pokemon Fossil Museum, which is located in the Japanese National Science Museum in Ueno, Tokyo, has now opened its virtual doors for all. You can now head over to the official Pokemon Fossil Museum website and peruse the entire exhibition in your browser.

Not only this, but you can also enjoy the exhibit via your smartphone, and even a VR headset. Otherwise though, if you’re viewing the Pokemon Fossil Museum through your browser, simply click to move around the exhibition, and drag the screen to change your perspective.

The entire museum section begins with a Pikachu atop a Aerodactyl, welcoming viewers in. You can then work your way around the entire exhibition, learning about Pokemon like Omanyte and Omaster, and Kabuto and Kabutops, as well as learning from Pokemon Professors scattered throughout the exhibit.

As you might expect from a museum located in Tokyo though, the entire exhibition is in the native Japanese language. You might need to track down a pretty good translation tool if you want to see and learn everything the Pokemon Fossil Museum has to offer its visitors. 

Well, this should keep us entertained for a few hours at least before Pokemon Scarlet and Violet arrive later this year. The two games, which mark the start of Gen 9 for Pokemon, launch on November 18, and we’ve already seen two brand new Legendary creatures for the new games. 

Check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet PokeDex guide for a complete look over all the new creatures revealed for the game so far. 

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