Terraria 1.4.4 is set to launch next month – simultaneously on console and PC

Terraria 1.4.4, also known as the Labor of Love update, is finally getting ready for launch, and it’s set to be the game’s first simultaneous launch across console and PC.

“Barring any issues or delays in first-party (Sony, Nintendo, etc) submissions, we expect Labor of Love to release in late September,” the Terraria devs say in the latest State of the Game blog (opens in new tab). Development on content for 1.4.4 is complete, so the final few weeks leading up to launch are focused on testing and bug fixes.

“It is our intention to make this the first simultaneous Terraria update release across all platforms,” the devs also say. “That means that if all goes to plan, Terraria: Labor of Love will release on PC, console, and mobile at the same time!” Terraria updates have historically launched on PC well before their console and mobile counterparts, and the devs say this could be “a glimpse at how things will be in the possible future where crossplay is a thing.”

The team at Re-Logic have said they have plans to “attempt” to implement crossplay, so it looks like Terraria’s updates still aren’t over. The game’s “final update” launched in 2020, but 1.4.4 will be the fourth major patch released since then. The devs just can’t stop adding more content.

1.4.4 adds gear loadouts as well as a host of new items, pets, NPCs, and weapons, and the devs have been slowly teasing the new additions since the announcement of the patch. If you want a thorough look at all the spoilers, venerable Terraria YouTuber Chippy has an extensive breakdown (opens in new tab).

Terraria 2 could happen, but the devs are considering other options for their next title, too.

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