Matt Reeves debunks theory that Robin is revealed in The Batman

The Batman director Matt Reeves has debunked a theory that Robin is introduced in the movie. Spoilers ahead for the film!

As CinemaBlend (opens in new tab) explains, after the mayor is killed by the Riddler, Robert Pattinson’s Batman has more than one significant moment with the late mayor’s son (played by Archie Banes). At the crime scene, the Caped Crusader looks at the child and clearly remembers the death of his own parents. Then, at the mayor’s funeral, Batman saves Banes’ character from being hit by the car that crashes through the building, and the young boy once again shows up in the floods towards the end of the film.  

It seems that these moments could be setting up the debut of the Boy Wonder in this universe, with Banes’ character set to don the yellow cape and join Batman’s fight against crime.

“Interesting. No,” the director told the ReelBlend podcast (opens in new tab) after hearing the theory. “But you know, it’s a cool idea. It wasn’t the intention. But actually, why would I say that? Why would I – because it’s a cool idea. And if I did it, then basically now, I’m going to have to give you credit.”

Reeves then explained that the intention was to parallel the child with Bruce as a way of exploring the vigilante’s past. “He was looking at that kid because they understand each other, unspoken, in a way that very few people that he’s encountered do,” he added. 

So, while the door isn’t totally closed to Robin making an appearance in future movies, we can take it that Banes’ character isn’t actually the future Boy Wonder.

The Batman is in theaters now. If you’ve seen the movie, check out our ultimate collection of deep dives on the film right here:

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