The Boys’ Jensen Ackles details “heated” Soldier Boy scene that was cut down

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Boys season 3.

The Boys season 3, episode 5 saw Soldier Boy trying to piece together his past after escaping the Russian Laboratory. His journey leads him to New York City and straight to his Payback teammate – and ex-girlfriend – Crimson Countess.

During their tense reunion, Soldier Boy finds out it was her who gave him away to the Russians – and she did it because she “hated” him. “I never loved you,” she tells him before a heartbroken Soldier Boy blows her up in rage.

Ackles has now shared that this scene was heavily cut down. He told Digital Spy (opens in new tab): “To be honest, when we filmed that scene, it was a lot longer. I think they had to cut it down for time or whatever. But it got pretty heated, that conversation, and Soldier Boy gets really verbally explosive. They cut that out.”

The actor added that he thinks the final scene in the episode works much better. “I think it probably serviced the scene better, because he does stay calm now, throughout the whole thing,” Ackles added. “And then it’s just boom. I think it works just great the way they cut it together. But he wants some answers. He wants to know what the hell happened.”

By the end of the episode, Soldier Boy has been corralled into a “team-up” with Billy Butcher and Hughie. We’ll have to see just how this plays out when the show returns with episode 6 – which is already being hyped up as an “NSFW masterpiece”. Check out our The Boys season 3 release schedule to make sure you don’t miss a minute.

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