The Boys viewers can’t believe the show got away with the show’s wildest scene yet

The Boys has always pushed the envelope of what’s appropriate – or otherwise – in its blood-and-guts take on superheroes. The Boys season 3, though, opened with what shocked viewers are calling (opens in new tab) “one of the most fucked up but hilarious things I’ve ever seen.” Curious? Mild spoilers for The Boys season 3 follow. Also, try not to eat anything while reading this. You have been warned.

In the opening 10 minutes of The Boys season 3 premiere, Kimiko and Frenchie are on the hunt for Ant-Man rip-off Termite. They soon find him coked-up and – how do I put this delicately? – shrinking down to enter a man’s penis. Unfortunately for the recipient, the strange sensation doesn’t last long: Termite’s drug habits catch up to him, he sneezes, and grows back to normal size – ripping the poor guy apart from his ding-dong outwards. Yeah.

“This is hands down the craziest fucking moment in any tv series that’s ever been on. EVER,” one viewer declared (opens in new tab). Another wrote on Twitter (opens in new tab), “Termite is responsible for what must be the most horrendous death I’ve ever seen on TV.”

“I’m never going to be able to think about Ant Man the same way after seeing what Termite just did,” one fan remarked (opens in new tab).

The disbelief is echoed elsewhere, with one exclaiming (opens in new tab), “The first 15 minutes of The Boys season 3 is insane!! Like how did they get away with the Termite scene lmao.” Another said (opens in new tab), “How twisted are their minds to come up with that shit?”

A reminder, then, that this is only the first episode. With a certain ‘Herogasm’ just over the horizon, Termite’s case of the sneezes might seem tiny in comparison to what’s about to come.

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