The controversial Runescape Fresh Start Worlds event has been made “better for all players”

Runescape developer Jagex has revealed that it is making changes to the upcoming Fresh Start Worlds event after it received mixed reactions from the community upon its reveal. 

After receiving mixed reactions from the Runescape community, with many claiming that the Fresh Start Worlds event was “cash-hungry” and complaining about the differences in the Old School Runescape version of the event, Jagex has since made changes to the event to relieve fans’ concerns. 

According to a press release, the Fresh Start Worlds update – originally supposed to release on September 12 – has now been pushed back slightly to September 26, with the Old School Runescape version due in October. This isn’t all that’s been changed about the upcoming in-game event as Jagex has also made a series of modifications to the event following community feedback.

The developer has revealed that it plans to address existing players’ concerns regarding the speed at which new players would gain skills and experience, week-to-week XP multiplier and peak XP multipliers, as well as other boosts, by rebalancing them. The press release also says that exclusive rewards from Fresh Start Worlds will become available through other means in the future. 

Jagex has also now made it possible for existing players to be able to purchase a Fresh Start World membership through Bonds that can be obtained via gameplay. This means current players will have an alternative way to participate in the special mode as well as first-time and returning players who will be starting on new accounts. 

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