The Last of Us Part 1 shows off a full 7-minute scene ahead of this weeks launch

The Last of Us Part 1 has debuted an entire 7-minute scene showing Joel and Ellie’s struggles in Bill’s town.

We’ve seen a number of comparison videos showing scene’s from the remake next to the original game, and just recently we had a pretty spoilery launch trailer. But this is the longest continuous, unedited video from the game we’ve been treated to, and it comes just a few days ahead of the game’s launch on Friday, September 2.

Since the YouTube video (opens in new tab)’s age-gated and thus unembeddable, here’s Naughty Dog’s Twitter feed with the full video:

Preview some gameplay from The Last of Us Part I! Ready to take on the most dangerous Infected? 💀Ready your combat plans & pre-order today start your journey with in-game bonuses: gameplay clip: 30, 2022

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If you’ve played the original game and remember this scene well, you’ll like notice its composition hasn’t been changed in the remake, but character and environments, as well as animations and effects, are a lot more detailed. Again, that’s no surprise based on what we’ve seen before, but it’s worth a reminder of the scope of the remake as we inch closer to launch date.

Naughty Dog has been keen on distinguishing The Last of Us Part 1 as a full-on, ground-up remake, rather than a simple remaster, like the PS4 version of the game that’s out already. That’s almost certainly due in part to the fact that the game comes with a premium $70 price tag, which hasn’t gone down entirely well with the fanbase.

Regardless, if you haven’t played The Last of Us or are thinking of starting a replay, the forthcoming remake will undoubtedly be the technically impressive, with completely remade visuals and animations, 3D audio and DualSense support, and a ton more improvements.

Here’s the latest on The Last of Us Part 1 pre-orders, including Firefly Edition stock.

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