The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time gold skulltulas locations

There are 100 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time gold skulltulas to track down across Hyrule, but it’s well worth your (and Link’s) time to round up these elusive collectibles. That’s because they each count towards unlocking a new reward back at the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village, which in turn will allow you to carry more Rupees, discover hidden secrets, and upgrade your HP. Of course, if you need another reason to find these items, it helps to know that each one will also lift a curse that has horribly disfigured a family! Whatever your reasons for seeking them out, these are all of the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time gold skulltulas locations.

The following rewards are unlocked for finding the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time gold skulltulas:

  • Collect 10: Adult Wallet (Link can carry 200 Rupees)
  • Collect 20: Stone/Shard of Agony (Rumbles/Lights up when secrets are near)
  • Collect 30: Giant Wallet (Link can carry 500 Rupees)
  • Collect 40: 10 Bombchus
  • Collect 50: A piece of heart
  • Collect 100: 200 Rupees

Gold Skulltulas can only be found at night, underground or inside dungeons. Some can only be found as young or adult Link. If their token is too far to retrieve, use the Boomerang (as a child) or Hookshot (as an adult) to bring the item to you. Keep this in mind while searching!

Kokiri Forest / Lost
Woods / Sacred Meadow

01 (Young Link, Nighttime) – After finishing the first dungeon, return to Kokiri Forest at night and find the spider on the back of the Know it all Brothers’ house.

02 (Young Link) – Use a Bottle to catch some bugs, then drop the bugs in a patch of dirt near the Item Shop to reveal a napping Skulltula.

03 (Young Link) – Take two lefts in the Lost Woods and drop bugs in the dirt patch.

04 (Young Link) – In the Lost Woods, go right-left-right-left-left. Once again, dump bugs in the patch to reveal a Skulltula. Best to worry about these later in the game when you have all four Bottles.

05 (Adult Link) – Plant a Magic Bean in the same spot as the above Skulltula, then as an adult ride the leaf to find the new Skulltula

06 (Adult Link) – Use the Hookshot to strike a spider hiding on the House of Twins.

07 (Adult Link) – In the Sacred Meadow, climb the ladder and you’ll see a Skulltula hugging the wall. The Hookshot can hit him and collect the token.

Inside the Great Deku

08 (Young Link) – In the room with the Compass, near a small treasure chest.

09 (Young Link) – After falling down to B1, you’ll see this Skulltula clinging to a fence.

10 (Young Link) – In the same room, hanging on the wall.

11 (Young Link) – Bomb the wall in the room with the Gohma larvae.

Kakariko Village

12 (Young Link, Nighttime) – Roll into the tree near the entrance to shake a Skulltula loose.

13 (Young Link, Nighttime) – Clinging to the House of Skulltula.

14 (Young Link, Nighttime) – Scurrying on the house that’s under construction.

15 (Young Link, Nightime) – Near the house next to the gate that leads to Death Mountin.

16 (Young Link, Nighttime) – On the ladder of the tall lookout post. Use the Fairy Slingshot to kill it, then climb up to grab the token.

17 (Young Link, Nighttime) – In the graveyard, use the Boomerang to strike and kill the Skulltula on the wall.

18 (Young Link, Nighttime) – There’s a dirt patch to the left – use some bugs and acquire the next spider.

19 (Adult Link, Nighttime) – Use the Hookshot (or Longshot) to get up on the rooftops and find a Skulltula skulking around on Impa’s house.

Death Mountain /
Goron City

20 (Young Link) – The entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern contains a patch of dirt. Drop some bugs in, collect the spider. Make sure to also plant a Magic Bean here for a Heart Piece later!

21 (Either) – Notice the odd-looking wall near the beginning of the trail. Bomb it and find the next Skulltula. Strangely, you can climb this wall.

22 (Young Link) – On the top floor of Goron City, find a room full of rocks. Work your way to a crate and roll into it to reveal the spider.

23 (Young Link) – As you enter the Death Mountain Summit (likely after completing the second dungeon), quickly roll into a crate. You’re timed due to the heat, but you should have plenty of wiggle room.

24 (Young Link) – There’s a spot of dirt near the entrance to the Fire Temple. Come back as a child and drop bugs to obtain the Skulltula. This dirt patch also leads to two Heart Pieces by planting a Magic Bean.

25 (Adult Link) – There’s a red rock near the entrance to Goron City. Smash it.

26 (Adult Link) – In the rock-falling area, look for a red rock along the wall. Smash it, find the next Skulltula.

27 (Adult Link) – Behind the stone that held the Spiritual Stone of Fire, the one dangling in the main room. Use the Hookshot to collect it.

Dodongo’s Cavern

28 (Either) In the room with tiny Dodongo babies, bomb a false wall either with your own bomb, or the babies’ explosive demise. Inside is your trophy.

29 (Either) After using a bomb flower to create a staircase, look on some vines near the exit up top.

30 (Either) Once you enter the giant skull, head right and bomb behind an Armos statue.

31 (Either) A small opening above those same bombable stairs where you found #29. Use the Boomerang as a Child or Hookshot as an Adult.

32 (Adult) In the baby Dodongo room (which held #28) notice how Navi will fly off and circle another area. Play the Scarecrow Song (obtained by visiting Lake Hylia in the past, then as an adult) and Pierre will appear as a Hookshot point.

Zora’s River / Domain / Fountain

33 (Child) Roll into the tree near the entrance.

34 (Child, Nighttime) At the waterfall entrance to Zora’s Domain, drop down and find a Skulltula stuck to the ladder.

35 (Adult, Nighttime) Use the Hookshot to tag a Skulltula found on the high walls as you make your way up the river.

36 (Adult, Nighttime) Farther up the river you’ll walk across a wooden bridge. Use the Hookshot (or Longshot) to snag a Skulltula up high.

37 (Adult, Nighttime) Remember the diving game as a child? Return to that spot as an adult and use the Longshot to obtain the next token.

38 (Child) In Zora’s Fountain, roll into the tree near the back of the area.

39 (Child, Nighttime) On the wall near the giant log. Use the Boomerang to snag the token.

40 (Adult, Silver Gauntlets) Lift a heavy stone near the back of the area, enter and obtain the Skulltula below. Have the Lens of Truth handy down there…

Lake Hylia

41 (Child, Nighttime) There’s one scuttling around on an island far out in the lake. It’s the same island where you obtain the Fire Arrows, btw.

42 (Child) In a patch of dirt near the Lakeside Laboratory

43 (Child, Nighttime) Located on the rear side of the Lakeside Laboratory. Wait until you have the Boomerang to retrieve it.

44 (Adult) Atop the massive tree trunk. Use the Longshot to get up top.

45 (Adult) At the bottom of the pool inside the Lakeside Laboratory. Use the Iron Boots to sink down there.

Inside Jabu Jabu’s Belly

46 (Child) After Ruto falls into the hole, look for a Skulltula on the far wall. Use the Boomerang to hit it.

47 (Child) After clearing the green tentacle, fall into its hole and find yourself back in the same room as #46. There’s another Skulltula in here.

48 (Child) On the second floor, in a room with stingers.

49 (Child) On a vine wall in the room before the boss battle with Barinade.

Gerudo Valley

50 (Child, Nighttime) Look to the right as you walk across a small wooden bridge. The Skulltula is nestled in a square hole.

51 (Child) Float down the canyon with a Cucco and plant bugs in a patch of dirt.

52 (Future, Nighttime) Behind the tent across the broken bridge.

53 (Future, Nighttime) Under a stone formation near the tent.

Forest Temple

54 (Adult) In the first room, climb the vine wall and find a Skulltula up here near the Small Key.

55 (Adult) In the main room with four torches, on the wall near the door in the back.

56 (Adult) On the wall in the upper right room. Use the Hookshot/Longshot to pull yourself up there.

57 (Adult) In the right side of the courtyard (upper left room), find one on a ledge.

58 (Adult) In the rotating room before the battle with Phantom Ganon. Spin the room until you reveal the chamber with the Skulltula.

Fire Temple

59 (Adult) In the room with boulders rolling in several directions. Bomb the false wall on the north side.

60 (Adult) Near the entrance to the room containing the Megaton Hammer.

61 (Adult) Play the Song of Time to remove one of those blue blocks on the first floor. Find the spider behind it.

62 (Adult) A room with spinning tiles and a Like Like. It’s on the wall, in plain sight.

63 (Adult) Use the Scarecrow Song and Longshot to obtain a tricky one hanging out on the fourth floor.

Ice Cavern

64 (Adult) In the room with the Blue Fire and Compass. Look for it on the wall.

65 (Adult) In the room with the huge spinning blade, behind ice. You’ll need the Longshot.

66 (Adult) The sliding-box puzzle room contains a Skulltula on the wall.

Water Temple

67 (Adult) On the wall in the room with the moving platforms. Requires Longshot.

68 (Adult) In the tunnel with all the whirlpools, along the left wall.

69 (Adult) In the main chamber, use the Longshot to tag one accessible from the second floor.

70 (Adult) In the main chamber, on the first floor. Bomb a fake wall when the water is at its lowest point.

71 (Adult) Behind a waterfall near Morpha’s lair.

Bottom of the

72 (Child) In the room with the Like Like, along the back of the dungeon.

73 (Child) The center room contains two locked doors. One contains this Skulltula…

74 (Child) … and the other contains this one. Use the Lens of Truth to safely navigate the rooms.

Shadow Temple

75 (Adult) In the room with invisible blades.

76 (Adult) In the room with dropping spikes.

77 (Adult) There’s a flaming skull statue in B3. Toss a bomb inside and find the Skulltula behind its remains.

78 (Adult) In a cage near the boat. Use the Scarecrow Song and the Longshot.

79 (Adult) In the room with three spinning skulls, after the boat ride.

Gerudo Fortress

80 (Adult, Nighttime) Above the eastern wall.

81 (Adult, Nighttime) In the archery area, behind one of the poles.

Desert Colossus /
Haunted Wasteland area

82 (Adult) When you find the Phantom Guide in the Haunted Wasteland, look inside the nearby structure.

83 (Adult, Nighttime) In a tree near the dried-up oasis. If he’s not there, play the Song of Storms and see if that make him appear.

84 (Child) A dirt patch near the Spirit Temple, eh? Drop some bugs in there.

85 (Adult, Nighttime) Now, as an adult, ride the floating plant and hop off as it passes a platform with another Skulltula.

Spirit Temple

86 (Child) On the fence in the room with all the flying Keese.

87 (Child) On the climbable wall that leads from 1F to 2F. Can’t miss it.

88 (Child) In the hallway before your battle with the Iron Knuckle.

89 (Adult) Play the Song of Time to make a blue block disappear in the room with the rolling boulders.

90 (Adult) Play the Scarecrow Song in the giant statue room. Use the Longshot to pull yourself over and claim the token.

Hyrule Castle /
Market area

91 (Child) Inside the guard house near the market.

92 (Child) Play the Song of Storms near the tree where you found Malon.

93 (Child) Roll into the tree as you enter the castle grounds.

94 (Adult) On an arch after Hyrule Castle becomes Ganon’s Castle.

Lon Lon Ranch

95 (Child) Roll into a tree near the ranch gate.

96 (Child, Nighttime) Behind the corral.

97 (Child, Nighttime) Near the tall silo where you found the Heart Piece.

98 (Child, Nighttime) Tucked in a window of the ranch house.

Hyrule Field

99 (Either) Bomb a tree between Hyrule Castle and Kakariko Village. Enter the hole and use either the Boomerang or Hookshot.

100 (Either) Place a bomb inside a circle of rocks near the entrance to Gerudo Valley. Burn the webs inside with Fire Arrows or Din’s Fire and claim the final Skulltula.

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