The original Far Cry is getting an unofficial sequel

The first Far Cry is being treated to an unofficial sequel, thanks to modders 

The Far Cry series might not have blasted its way to colossal fame until Far Cry 3, but the original game’s visuals, gameplay, and open-world freedom brought with it its fair share of fans and commercial success. And now the ambitious 2004 title is getting some love in the form of an unofficial sequel.

As reported by Dark Side of Gaming (opens in new tab), developer Leonj_ is creating a total conversion mod for the original Far Cry. Titled Far Cry Returns, the project is shaping up to be a rather elaborate undertaking. Far Cry Returns will feature new mechanics, sounds, visuals and animations, which will all be wrapped up in an original story.

The gameplay will be overhauled with brand new weapons, and abilities such as takedowns. Leonj_ is also promising new locations and missions for the unofficial sequel, as well as shiny new vehicles, improved stealth and a fresh interface. Additionally, the modder claims that Far Cry Returns will feature a dialogue system that’s similar to the one found in fellow FPS Stalker and says that it will benefit from modern features such as time of day and weather systems.

There’s no word yet on when this lofty project will see the light of day. In the meantime, you can see early footage of Far Cry Returns in action in the video below.

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