The PSVR2 headset has been officially unveiled by Sony

The PSVR 2 headset has been revealed by Sony.

In a new blog post (opens in new tab), Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president of platform experience, said that he was “especially pleased to reveal the stunning new design” of the PSVR 2 headset, alongside “an update and final design image of our PlayStation VR2 Sense controller.

Nishino points out that the headset shares a circular design with the finalised controller, representing “the 360-degree view that players feel when they enter the virtual reality world.” The entire collection has also been inspired “by the look of the PS5 family of products,” and Nishino states that the design team “had the next generation VR headset in mind” when creating the PS5 itself.

The blog post details a few features of the headset, including a lens adjustment dial to allow users to “optimise their view,” and a slimmer design with a slight weight reduction, even when including the motor that will provide haptic feedback within the system. Finally, there’s “a new vent design” that Sony says it “thinks users will enjoy,” which senior art director Yujin Morisawa says should help provide ventilation and limit the lens from fogging up.

Sony still hasn’t provided a window for when the PSVR 2 release date will be, but Nishino says that “when PSVR 2 launches, it’ll take a giant leap forward in the way we play games in virtual reality.” At the start of the year, Sony declined to confirm whether PSVR 2 would launch in 2022, suggesting you might not get your eyes on (or in) it until next year.

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